Bavaria – land of fairytales!

We are in Bavaria. We have travelled 6 hours south toward Austria and are now staying in a very dramatic landscape near the Austrian border. Yesterday we visited a beautiful city called Fussen.


Fussen is amazing, definetley our favourite city so far, mostly because of its backdrop of mountains but also the centre is so pretty – streets and arches, incredibly old buildings that are well kept.

The mountains here are awe inspiring, billowing clouds and snowy caps.

This is the most breathtaking landscape we have seen so far. It is amazing here. We are near the Schloss Neuschwanstein and which looks like something from a fairy tale. It was the castle used in the film ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ – yes it was a real place!




This part of the world is so magnificent. It is so moving to be here. It really speaks of Gods creativity and you cannot help but just wander around in complete awe of such a creation. We drove out this evening and the sky was burning pink and orange with the silhouette of the mountains. wp_20161103_16_59_12_prowp_20161103_17_14_48_prowp_20161103_17_30_54_pro

We visited the City Museum which is housed in a former monastery. It has a very comprehensive collection of instruments. It is an excellent museum and we really enjoyed everything not just the instruments.


On a very high peak that overlooks Fussen is Kalverienburg. It was made to mimic Calvary in Jerusalem in the late 1600s. It is quite wp_20161102_12_07_23_prowp_20161102_11_37_21_prooverwhelming to look up from Fussen and see the three huge crosses that preside over the area.

It shows a lot about Christianity’s influence in this part of Germany in that time.

Tomorrow we leave Germany and head to Austria. We have really loved Germany, it has been a great experience. The children have seen so many aspects of life and culture, history and differences. It really dawned on me, what a wonderful thing it is that a child can see how different people and cultures can be at any early age. They have been so open to travelling and experiencing new things. We marvel at how well they are coping with the constant change and upheavel of travelling, especially the younger ones.


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