Before it snowed we had the chance to go into Mittenwald. Home to the famous Klotz family of violin makers and many others.Mittenwald sits just north of the Austrian border in Germany.

The town itself is sat in a valley between the huge Karwendel mountains  It is breathtaking and quite a special place.



There really were lots of men walking around in traditional clothes. We didn’t see any events going on so I’m not sure if this is normal but there was a man with a flag too.


The houses are very decorative and covered in ornate woodwork and painted exteriors. This place is famous for its school of violin making and has a museum which we visited. The collection itself was very good although the museum was not very child friendly. In all the other museums we have visited, which is nearly every violin making museum in Europe now, the children have been welcomed but this one is definetley not for the large family.

In fact the curator of the museum in Marknakurchen actually gave the children a private performance of the hurdy-gurdy, without us asking. We loved the museum in Marknakurchen for its openness to little ones.

The violin makers here were again, close communities that worked together and encouraged each other, sharing ideas. Religion had a huge influence and they would all have met every Sunday in church which must have had an effect on their work.


The children have all come on with their German. The boys are quite happily greeting people and introducing themselves now and the girls have a much better understanding, they now know how to ask for chocolate bars in German!



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