An Ode to my Children


Having a large family can be hard at times. Every second of your day is given to others, you serve without glorious accolade, you learn to push yourself in ways that you never imagined possible, you learn to let alot of things go, you never get everything done, your day never goes as planned and you never sleep. But the fruits of these things are more patience (although I’m always working on it), more joy – serving others gives YOU more joy, you learn more about who you are, you learn what is really important and appreciate the small things in each day, you prioritise and finally you stop wasting time on things that don’t matter.

And my children are incredible! I am biased but they are.They make me laugh, they fill my heart with joy when they help each other, they are such great people in the making. I love it when they grasp a maths concept or learn a new letter. I love it when they read a whole book or learn to read their first word. My five year son often gets up before me and sets the breakfast table, my three year old often picks me flowers from the garden, my eldest daughter loves playing with her baby sister and my eight year old daughter loves to read to her little brothers, and my baby girl adores us all.

They really love each other. That is one of the blessings of homeschooling a large family- they have strong relationships and through being together each day they learn to work through difficulties and strengthen their relationships. They still squabble, but they have time to make up. They don’t always listen but we work through the why’s with them. Its not perfect – but it works.

We have been so impressed at how wonderful they have been  on this trip. They have been to 10 different accommodations, thats 10 different beds to settle into but they haven’t complained, in fact they are excited even when we are not. They have often sat in the car for 12 hours and not moaned. They have helped with chores at each accommodation, cooked and prepared meals, paid for shopping, asked directions in French and German and helped pack up the car. When we broke down, they didn’t despair. When we crossed the channel they took it in their stride. When we drove until midnight without supper they sat and waited. What a blessing! Each day I thank God that He gave them to me. They are the best travel companions that I could wish for. So thank you my little ones!




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